About Author

Hi, I am Garima Gupta. I am a mother to a 4-year mischievous boy.  I am also a digital marketer. I write my life’s inspiring parenting stories that you can relate to quickly. I target to achieve the parents’ comfort zone to query their parenting desires and inspire them.

About the website

Welcome to parentstrendz.com! Are you nervous as you enter into a whole new world of parenting?  if you desire to get a refreshing outlook on parenting, you have landed in the right place.  Parentstrendz.com lets you face parenting challenges and admiring several growth opportunities.

Parenting, being a fantastic journey, is both challenging and entertaining. Parentstrendz.com helps moms and dads raise happy and healthy kids. The website will tell you how to have A LOT of fun with kids through the parenting journey.

Parentstrendz.com is a creative approach to effectively educate the moms and dads to manage their family and working life schedules.

The website’s original content informs and unites a fresh and unfiltered perspective on parenting, pregnancy, kids, personal stories, and trending topics.


I am not simply a parenting tips website. I am concerned about you being parents, your feelings, and emotions that believe that I am one of you. I will post inspiring stories of the parents that will keep you motivated throughout your parenting journey.

Why read blog posts on Parentstrendz.com?

  • I believe that every single individual can learn and grow from the place where they are. I am here to contribute a growth mindset related to parenting among the families.
  • I am one of the parents like you who have millions of parenting stories and thoughts to share with all. And parentstrendz.com is the perfect place for it.
  • My approach will let you find ordinary and nurturing open relationships with kids for unexpected moments to connect.