How to encourage your child to become a self-learner? 5 Top Tips You Must Know

I always wonder how our parents have developed a habit of self-learning among us? It is because I sometimes feel I have failed to do so as a parent. My 5-year-old kid takes little interest in learning. He is always busy watching mobile.

I find it challenging to make my child sit and learn repeatedly? Do you also feel the same? Are you finding it difficult to make your child a self -learner?
One day my son made me realize my mistake. I was scrolling down through my mobile and then he came and demanded the mobile. I said’ “No.”
I then got busy watching my mobile. He again came towards me and said’ “If you watch mobile, then why can’t I?” At that moment, I realized that our KIDS IMITATE PARENTS’ ACTION AND BEHAVIOUR!

As parents, it is our responsibility to motivate our child to become a self-learner.
You need to figure out how to engage the kids in self-studying or learning.

This is quite critical for the kids of 5-8 years. Playgroup fun lessens at this age, and some severe learning becomes a part of their curriculum. As they grow older, we have to make them realize self-learning is critical for overall personality development.
I have penned down some practical tips for the parents who wish to make their kids self-learners. Believe it or not! But the below tips are tried and tested that will definitely help you.

Importance of Self-learning Among Kids of 6-8 years

Self-learning is the child’s ability to take in, understand, and retain information without the presence of a teacher or parent. It is an essential skill in kids that makes them independent and increases their ability to be independent of guidance.
Self-learning gives your child a better understanding of what they are good at and what they have to work harder on. It makes your kid self-confident in their abilities and broadens their competency level.
Children capable of learning concepts on their own remember and retain knowledge in a better manner in their long-term memory. Self-learning makes the children take responsibility for their tasks like cross-checking their work and correcting errors.
So, self-learning plays a critical part in shaping the overall personality of your kids. As a parent, you should take steps to motivate your child to become a self-learner.

Ways to encourage your child to become a self-learner

1. Let your child decide and do

You might not believe it, but all kids experience control from parents and teachers in their learning process. Control withdraws them from their learning process in one way or the other. However, the parents need to allow control of their experience during the learning process.
Let the kids be on their own. Provide them choices in their learning and let them decide the convenient option for them. It is a significant step to helping your child to become a self-learner.
For example, allow your kids to choose their extracurricular activities based on their interests. The more input you provide to your child concerning their activities, learning environment, and style, the more engaged your child becomes.

2. Encourage open communication

As a parent, you need to create an atmosphere at home where your child feels comfortable expressing likes or dislikes regarding education. Encourage your kid to express concerns or opinions about the learning processes.
Make sure to confirm your child’s thoughts even if you disagree. Children are likely to disengage from their learning process if they feel that their opinion does not matter.

Mother encouraging open communication to make the kids self-learner


So, let them speak and express their views on education and learning processes. Easy and open interaction with you will motivate your child to become a self-learner.
I always make sure to ask my child what all has happened in the school. He has also now developed a habit of sharing everything with me. Be it his studies, playing and talking with friends, and interacting with his teachers.

3. Develop a reading-friendly environment

Believe it or not! Children who initially develop a love for reading also develop a passion for learning from an early stage. Reading is beneficial to kids much more than developing only vocabulary. It helps the child’s brain learn how to process concepts and formal communication.
Reading develops a rich vocabulary in kids and directs the brain to process concepts and communication. Children who can read well also develop an ability to read well in academics.
Help your child develop reading habits. Read to your child frequently. Let your child read aloud at home.
You have to create an ideal atmosphere for reading at home that will motivate your child to become a self-learner.

Mother reading with kid to make the child a self -learner


I have now made a fixed time at home for reading and developing reading habits in my son. And I make sure I do not use mobile or any other gadget during reading. In fact, I myself have started reading some of my favorite books at that time. Click here to learn some negative impacts of watching mobiles on the children.

Here is a list of some ideal books that will develop an interest in reading in your child because reading should be made fun, not frustrating.
Follow the link to order any book of your choice.
1. 101 Panchatantra Stories for Children: Colorful Illustrated Story book

2. My First Mythology Tale (Illustrated) (Set of 5 Books)

3. Story Books for Kids – Fairy Tales (Illustrated) (Set of 12 Books)

4. Early English Reading Comprehension Paperback -1

5. Comprehension Ages 5-7 : Ideal for Home Learning

4. Allow game-based learning

Game-based learning is using games as a learning tool. It provides excellent learning and development opportunities for the child. A child’s active engagement in a game persuades the mind to learn new things.

Entertaining games motivate the kid to engage in the learning process.
Game-based learning is an excellent way for parents to introduce new concepts, ideas, and knowledge to encourage their child to become a self-learner.

Parents teaching game-based learning to make the child self-learner
5. Recognize achievements

It is always important to recognize and celebrate your kid’s achievements, no matter how small or big they are. It is especially critical for kids from the 6-8 years age group. Constant positive support will keep them motivated to learn more and more.
For example, finishing a small test or a project deserves recognition and praise from you. It will encourage the kids to take up new challenges and enhance their knowledge and skills.

Summed Up!

Making your kids learn is a bit challenging initially, but it is easier for them once they develop it into a habit. Turn each day into a learning day by showing them the right way. Encourage your child to explore, make connections, and ask questions. Your and your kid’s combined efforts will make your child to become a self-learner.